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The Lemon Lounge

Spray Tanning

Here at The Lemon Lounge Beauty Room we take great care in making our clients feel comfortable and at ease whilst spray tanning.

Exfoliation and preparation

Always exfoliate thoroughly either the day before or on the day, prior to your tanning application. for the best results please ensure you use a body scrub together with an exfoliating glove.

Shaving and preparation of the bikini line should be done the day before to give pores time to close.

Avoid the use of deodorant and perfumes on the day of treatment as these will react with the tanning lotion, and may cause the tan to appear patchy.

Remove all traces of make-up if the face is to be tanned. ( This can be done at the salon prior to treatment). Please note that our product does not stain hair or lips.


You may wear bra and pants or a bikini. 

Sticky feet, disposal underwear and mop caps are provided free of charge. 

We would like to point out that colour may be difficult to wash out of synthetic materials, but should wash out of natural fabric.

Light loose clothing should be worn, traces of tanning solution may transfer onto clothing.

Developing Time

Most spray tanning solutions require at least 8 hours to develop to their full potential.

Avoid bathing, showering, vigorous exercise and swimming for at least 12 hours after receiving treatment.

A small amount of residue will wash away during your first shower but please note that this will not spoil your tan.

Maintaining your Tan

We recommend that you shower rather than having a bath, try not to have the water to hot, wash with either a soft sponge or your hands.  

Pat your skin dry after  showering,  rubbing your skin may cause patchy areas.

Moisturising your skin on a regular basis will help maintain your tan.

Take note each time you shower a small amount of your tan will wash off.

Do not shave until 12 hours after your treatment.