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 Hair Extensions 

Individual Micro-loop Hair Extensions

The latest innovations of hair extensions. Micro-loop hair extensions are easy to attach without using heat or glue, without ruining the hair and lasting up to 3 months. They are made out of AAA Indian Remy Human Hair. Available in both 16" and 20" lengths.

Each extension weighs 0.8gm. This system does not have any damaging effects on the hair as no heat, glue, braiding or sewing is used. 


16" Full Head £148

20" Full Head £168

*Deposit will be required*

Micro-loop Weft

loop Extensions as detailed above, except that this is using a weft of hair, rather than the individual technique.

As with the individual Micro-loop extensions, this is AAA Indian Remy Human Hair. This hair is silkier, glossier, softer & lasts longer than standard human hair.


20" Full Head £135.00